CHCI NextOpp’s functions can be summed up in three simple words: Search. Save. Share.


Basic Search
The quickest and easiest way to do a search on CHCI NextOpp starts on the homepage
  1. In the yellow box on the left, answer one or all of the questions. The more questions you answer, the more specific your search will be.
  2. Select the red search button. This will take you to a page that provides you with preliminary search results.
  3. Since you didn’t enter a lot of search criteria, you may get a lot of results! It’s quick and simple to do a more advanced search.
Advanced Search
  1. You can start an advanced search from the home page by clicking “Advanced Search” next to the red search button. Or, if you have already started a search and want to refine it more, you can click the green “Modify Search” at the top right of your search results.
  2. The advanced search will ask you basic questions about what you are looking for, divided into three areas:
    • Personal Information includes where you live, your background, and other personal characteristics
    • Academic Details include your current grade level or the grade level you’ll be when you apply to the opportunity, GPA, major, and other details about your studies
    • Programs I’m Seeking allows you to search for different types of programs, as well as identify where you are looking to complete a program and what kind of benefits you want to be a part of the program.
  3. As with the basic search, the more information you share, the more specific your results will be
  4. If you are a registered user and would like to have your profile information automatically entered into your search, click the “BLAH” check box at the top of the page.
  5. To select multiple items in the drop down menus, hold down the Control Key while selecting each item. To remove a selection, hold the Control Key while clicking the item again, and it will remove it.
Search Results
  • Your search results will appear in the form of a table.
  • By clicking the tabs at the top, you can view the opportunities by type with more detailed information. Or you can see all search results in the first tab.
  • To sort your results in any tab, simply click on the top row of the column you’d like to sort. This will help you quickly organize your results by location, dollar amount, application deadline, and more.
  • To see more detail about any opportunity, simply click the title of the opportunity. This will take you to the opportunity detail page and allow you to see all the important details to determine if it’s a match for what you are looking for.
  • From the opportunity page, you can also easily learn more about the organization that is providing the opportunity. Simply click the name of the provider on the opportunity detail page to learn more about the organization and what other programs they offer. 


One of the greatest features of CHCI NextOpp is the opportunity to create a profile and save as many searches as you like!

Create a Profile
In order to save your searches, you must first create a profile. Creating a profile will allow you to save your searches, flag opportunities as favorites, get email reminders about deadlines, and complete searches more quickly.
  1. To create a profile, click the “Create a Profile” link at the top right corner of the page. You can log in using your email and a password that you create, or you can log in via Facebook.
  2. The profile asks some basic questions about who you are. You’ll be able to insert your answers into your searches with the click of a check box. CHCI will also use this information to help us identify new opportunities that are relevant to our users. While we will create some general reports about the types of individuals using the site, CHCI will never share your personal information or link your name to your answers.
  3. You can select to receive email and calendar reminders of upcoming deadlines on your profile. We’ll talk more about that in the My Favorites section.
Saving Your Search
  • Once you’ve created your profile, you are free to save as many searches as you like! Just complete your search, make sure it’s modified just how you want it, then click the green “Save Search” button located above your search results to the right. When naming your search, try and be specific so you remember what your results are.
  • You can access your saved searches any time you are logged in by clicking on the “My Saved Searches” link, located in the blue bar at the top right of the page.
  • You can modify or view your saved searches at any time.
  • Remember, you can do searches for now AND later with the save search function. Search for opportunities you can apply to right now, and save a search of opportunities you’ll be eligible for next year. Or save a list of opportunities available for your sibling. The possibilities are endless!
My Favorites
Now that you’ve searched the site, you’ve found some great opportunities you want to apply for. You can keep track of these opportunities using the “My Favorites” functions.
  • On any search results, or on any opportunity detail page, you can select “Add to My Favorites.” This will place the opportunity on your favorite’s list.
  • You can access your favorites any time you are logged in by clicking on the “My Favorites” link, located in the blue bar at the top right of the page.
  • You can view your Favorites as a list, or you can view deadlines on a calendar. To switch back and forth, use the links located above your “My Favorites” results.
  • You will see the deadline for your favorite opportunities, as well as a reminder that the deadline is approaching. You can change when these reminders appear in your calendar at any time by modifying your Profile.
  • You can also select in your profile if you’d like reminder emails alerting you to when the deadline for your favorites is approaching.
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You’ve found some great opportunities, saved searches, and added opportunities you’re interested in to your Favorites. Why not share these great finds?
  • You can export an Excel document of your search results or Favorites by clicking the “Export to Excel” link located above your search results to the right. This will download an Excel document to your computer with information for each opportunity on your list.
  • You can also email your search results or Favorites by clicking the “Send list via email” link, also located above your search results to the right. This will send an email to the email address you provided for your account with information about each opportunity on your list. If you aren’t logged in, you can identify which email you’d like to send the list to.
  • More of a social media fan? When viewing an opportunity, click the “Share This” button to share the program via your favorite social network. Make sure you’re logged into Facebook, Twitter, or other services in order to share this way. 
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