We are a team of photographers and designers who have been working with photographs for over a decade and combined, we bring over two centuries of experience to the photography arena. Our belief is that we can always do better and that is why we are always pushing to create new and unique Lightroom presets.

We also understand that some people are just starting out. We have all been there. This is why we ensure that all our presets are not only of the highest quality but that they can be used by both professional and newbie photographers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Current Opportunities for Sleeklens

The Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program

Opportunity Type: Scholarship
Application Deadline: March 31, 2022
Description: Sleeklens is proud to announce its academic scholarship program for 2016. Three winners will each receive $2000 to will cover their academic expenses for the 2016 academic year. At Sleeklens, we believe individual effort and brilliance should be rewarded, and, because of our strong sense of community responsibility, we play a big role in giving back to the community.

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