• Establish a network of Latino and non-Latino faculty and administrators in public and private colleges, universities and community colleges who can also serve as mentors and role models to our Latino students;
  • Work with community partners to build outreach programs which will address Latino issues and barriers to higher education and promote participation;
  • Work with our higher education institutions to improve access and retention for Latino students, increase the numbers of Latino faculty and staff, and create campus climates which are nurturing and culturally sensitive;
  • Conduct research on Virginia’s Latino population and education;
  • Work with funding partners to establish scholarships and programs which will promote educational opportunities for Latino students;
  • Work with policy makers to advocate for programs and policies, both at the state and institutional levels, which will facilitate access and promote success; and
  • Disseminate information about relevant educational issues affecting the Latino community in the Commonwealth via a Listserv and Website.

Current Opportunities for Virginia Latino Higher Education Network (VALHEN)

The VALHEN Hispanic College Institute (HCI)

Opportunity Type: Pre-college Program
Application Deadline: April 01, 2022
Description: The VALHEN Hispanic College Institute (HCI) is a highly successful residential program that prepares Hispanic students in the Commonwealth of Virginia to enter and succeed in higher education. The 2015 HCI takes place at Virginia Tech from July 15 to 18.

The program is based on research and input from Hispanic educators and community leaders, and much of the content is delivered by Hispanics who can relate to the students’ experiences and challenges. The program provides clear and practical college application and financial aid information, and allows students to have the opportunity to engage with successful Hispanic leaders and role models who will help inform them about career and educational opportunities. If admitted, students will:

  • Live on Virginia Tech's beautiful campus
  • Receive help writing a college application essay
  • Participate in STEM-related workshops (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sponsored by NASA
  • Learn and/or improve public speaking, presentation and interviewing skills
  • Experience increased awareness of community-focused civic engagement
  • Understand the financial aid and the FAFSA application processes
  • Acquire knowledge on how to search for available scholarships and other types of financial aid
  • Meet and engage with Hispanic leaders and role models to learn about their career successes
  • Have the opportunity to meet with college admissions and financial aid representatives
  • Compete for available scholarships
  • Participate in a College, Career and Community Resource Fair

Contact Information

Virginia Latino Higher Education Network (VALHEN)

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