MLT equips high potential minorities with the winning playbook and personalized coaching that allows them to reach their full leadership potential and maximize their community impact. MLT works with over 500 new individuals per year through its core programs and provides career-long support for its community of over 4,000 Rising Leaders.

Current Opportunities for Management Leadership for Tomorrow

MLT Career Prep Program

Opportunity Type: Internship
Application Deadline: March 01, 2023
Description: Prepare under-represented minority students with solid academic track records for success in fast-track entry-level jobs at top employers.

Each Rising Leader has a dedicated relationship with an MLT Coach, who works with the Rising Leader to gain personal clarity around how their strengths and passions translate to career goals, and to understand "the bar" for high performance within their chosen career path. Rising Leaders and coaches build personalized career roadmaps to ensure that each Rising Leader is prepared to meet or exceed the bar by the end of the program. Rising Leaders attend in-person workshops hosted and facilitated by MLT's corporate partners, and received insight and guidance from the MLT network of over 4,000 other Rising Leaders and many more volunteer executives.  

MLT MBA Professional Development Program

Opportunity Type: Internship
Application Deadline: January 15, 2023
Description: Getting in to business school is only the first step toward leveraging an MBA to accelerate your career. The MBA recruiting process is just as competitive as the admissions process and getting placed in the high performer category quickly once starting a new role can have significant long-term career implications. MLT’s MBA Professional Development program provides Rising Leaders with the winning playbook and critical relationships they need to get on and stay on the career fast track after graduation. 

The MBA Professional Development program starts as soon as Rising Leaders are admitted to graduate school; provides significant pre-matriculation support, coaching, and engagement with top employers; and continues through the full-time recruiting process. The MBA Professional Development program takes a long-term approach to career acceleration and provides Rising Leaders with a personalized career roadmap, skills, one-on-one coaching from an MLT coach, and a high-leverage network that they can leverage throughout their careers.

MLT Career Advancement Program

Opportunity Type: Internship
Application Deadline: May 31, 2023
Description: Navigating the last several stages and transitions to the senior executive level can often be the most challenging and least straight-forward of one's career. Each rising executive's path tends to be unique based on their prior experience, company culture and values, and personal strengths and development areas. There are often very few people who have navigated a similar path to senior leadership who can be relied upon for guidance and it can be challenging to understand what it takes to stay on track to reaching the executive levels.

MLT's Career Advancement Program (CAP) is designed to help high-potential mid-career professionals continue to advance in the pipeline to senior leadership. CAP provides Rising Leaders with a personal roadmap for continuing to advance toward the executive level, a high-performing network of peers from other organizations, frequent one-on-one coaching from an executive coach, and practical leadership development content based on the competencies needed to be a successful senior executive. The typical CAP Rising Leader has at least two years of post-graduate (MBA, MS, MPS, JD, PhD, etc) work experience and has been identified by their organization as having high potential to become a senior executive.

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