Thank you for entrusting me to serve our amazing association in the role of state PTA president for the 2013-2015 term of office. I'm honored to be a part of such a diverse, knowledgeable and passionate team of volunteers who work every day to positively impact the lives of all children and families — a focus that has remained consistent throughout the years. Some have told me that PTA is engaged in a "righteous" endeavor. The fact that we are unafraid to stand on principle, even when it's unpopular, the fact that PTA is beholden to no special interests other than improving the lives of children, the fact that we choose to devote precious time to speak, to grow — these remind me, again and again — of the absolute necessity of our mission. And these facts continue to inspire and excite me moving forward. The California State PTA has an unprecedented opportunity to learn, to remain relevant, and to accomplish anything. We must not let anything hold us back. Our challenges are many: inadequate school funding, decline in children's physical fitness and overall health status, summer learning loss, challenges for special needs students, barriers to meaningful family engagement and more. I believe PTA benefits from the diverse assets that each individual brings and shares — sometimes overlooked, seldom trumpeted, but absolutely an essential driver of who we are and what we can accomplish. Advocacy, both local and statewide, is informed and strengthened our diverse assets, and remains our powerful bedrock and mission; it lends to our credibility, and ensures the collective voice for children is not silenced. It is for children like my grandson Alexander, and for all children, that we break large challenges into small increments; tread forward unafraid, and remain excited to meet all that awaits us. Persistence will carry us far. And remember, the only people who do not make mistakes are the people who "don't do anything!" I have great hopes for PTA and we must take steps with which we are sometimes uncomfortable, but people have heard me say: change is incremental, is often painful, but absolutely necessary if we are to continue as the preeminent association that speaks for every child with one voice. Let's move forward together, secure in the knowledge that commonalities bind us, mission unites us, and diversity excites us!

Current Opportunities for California State PTA

California State PTA Scholarship Program

Opportunity Type: Scholarship
Application Deadline: February 01, 2022

  • $750 Volunteer Service Scholarship — This scholarship recognizes graduating seniors for their volunteer service in schools and communities, allowing them to register for courses at accredited colleges, universities, trade or technical schools. Applicants must be PTA members graduating from a California high school between January 1 and June 30 of the current academic year. Applications, reference forms and letters must be received by California State PTA by February 1; proof of enrollment and completion of coursework must be provided to California State PTA by June 1.
  • $500 Dr. Ralph E. White Graduating Senior Scholarship – Honoring the volunteer and public-service legacy of Dr. Ralph E. White and his wife, Eleanor, this additional scholarship provides $500 each to two successful applicants of the Volunteer Service Scholarship who intend to pursue a career in a medical field.

California State PTA Continuing Education Scholarship

Opportunity Type: Scholarship
Application Deadline: October 15, 2021
Description: Purpose – California State PTA offers scholarships ($500) to encourage PTA members to continue their education and pursue studies in higher education in California. The Continuing Education Scholarship Program recognizes volunteer service by providing funds for PTA members to register for courses at accredited colleges, universities, trade or technical schools in the State. Categories – Continuing Education Scholarships are available each year for: PTA Volunteers Credentialed Classroom Teachers and Counselors School Nurses

Selection – Each year, the California State PTA Scholarship and Grant Committee carefully reads and vets each application. All applicants are notified of their status in January. Successful applicants who are awarded a California State PTA Continuing Education Scholarship receive a letter of congratulations along with a scholarship check. Questions? – Please contact the California State PTA Scholarship and Grant Chairman at:

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