Fondo Futuro was founded on three basic principals; to enable, educate, and empower the Hispanic youth of the United States through providing informative bilingual content on college admissions and the student loan process. Fondo Futuro’s partner in this program, The Hispanic Communications Network, has extensive experience in creating bilingual media and developing educational content. Our bilingual platform offers the most user friendly experience on the web and our loan products 1 contain the most competitive rates in the industry.

Current Opportunities for Fondo Futuro

American Dream Scholarship

Opportunity Type: Scholarship
Application Deadline: Year Round
Description: This webpage was designed to assist Hispanic/Latino students, who are seeking financial aid, pay for their college education with grants, scholarships, and loans (both Federal Stafford and private). We provide a full guide of financial tools which can be used to determine your options in paying for college.

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