The College of Fine and Applied Arts is a community of artists, designers, performers, and scholars dedicated to teaching skills by placing emphasis on the primacy of the creative process, on contributing to the future development of culture, and on a deep engagement with the society.

Known for the comprehensiveness of its programs, the college is in a unique position to explore what it means to be an arts college in the twenty-first century. Essential to this exploration is a new energy, a fresh dedication to crossing borders, and an eagerness to engage society in new ways.

Current Opportunities for The College of Fine and Applied Arts

Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship

Opportunity Type: Fellowship
Application Deadline: December 01, 2018
Description: The fellowships are to be used by the recipients toward defraying the expenses of advanced study in the United States or abroad. The fellowships are open to graduates of the College of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and to graduates of similar institutions of equal educational standing whose principal or major studies have been in the fields of art, architecture, dance, landscape architecture, music, theatre, and urban and regional planning.

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