Education Pioneers exists to identify, train, connect, and inspire a new generation of leaders dedicated to transforming our education system so that all students receive a quality education.

Extraordinary change requires extraordinary people. Education Pioneers' mission and work rests on a fundamental belief that smart investments in leadership generate significant returns. We believe that for schools, districts, and systems to enable all children to achieve at high levels, we must focus on effective teaching and the quality of leadership and management of these schools, districts, and systems. Teachers and principals operate within a larger education ecosystem. Having outstanding leaders and managers running that ecosystem is necessary to attract, develop, and retain effective teachers and principals in high-performing schools serving low-income students and to ensure strong and consistent system-wide results.

Education Pioneers is one of the only organizations focused directly on building the pipeline of top leadership and management talent for positions outside the classroom.

Our Values

Education Pioneers' core values are courage, optimism, collaboration, and action. Our pioneers have thecourage and optimism to confront our nation's education crisis, and they are committed to collaborationas a way to solve problems. Our pioneers believe that transformational change is possible, and they have the will to take action.

Current Opportunities for Education Pioneers

Graduate School Fellowship

Opportunity Type: Fellowship
Application Deadline: February 12, 2022

EP connected Graduate School Fellows with full-time consulting role where their business, education, law, or policy expertise made an impact for a leading education organization and for students. This Fellowship previously offered 10-week summer and yearlong placements. Fellows used the skills they’ve cultivated through previous work experience and coursework to fill a critical need for an education organization. No matter what the project, the work helped organizations advance their missions, plan for growth, or tackle other important work they couldn’t take on otherwise.

Analyst Fellowship

Opportunity Type: Fellowship
Application Deadline: March 03, 2022
Description: The Education Pioneers Analyst Fellowship places talented data-savvy professionals in mission-critical roles in school districts, charter management organizations, nonprofits, and other leading education organizations.

Complemented by professional development workshops, community service projects, networking and graduate school scholarship opportunities, our 10-month program provides Fellows with the exposure and access to launch a career in the education sector.

As an Analyst Fellow, you will consult for one-year on a mission-critical, data-driven project a leading education organization. Your work will help ensure every child receives a high-quality education. In the past, Analyst Fellows have:

  • Utilized teacher evaluation data to create more effective and sustainable teacher retention and teacher recruitment strategies at the district level
  • Consulted with school districts to help them better understand their budget resource allocations and student funding, at an education nonprofit
  • Implemented business aligned technology solutions to improve a charter school’s operational model
  • Led financial reporting and organizational efforts to drive operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for a charter network

Contact Information

Education Pioneers
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