The Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the LBJ Presidential Library and the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin.

Through the fundraising efforts of its Board of Trustees, the Foundation provides support to the Library that enhances quality programming, expands educational outreach and exhibits, and administers grants for researchers and scholars.  The Foundation also raises money for the LBJ School for the outstanding education that it provides its graduate students in public policy and governmental affairs, community outreach, and the exploration of global initiatives.

These two institutions, one looking to the past and the other to the future, provide an ongoing legacy for President Johnson’s accomplishments and his vision for our nation.


Current Opportunities for LBJ Presidential Library

The LBJ Presidential Library Essay Contest- Civil Rights Today

Opportunity Type: Scholarship
Application Deadline: Please check this web page in the fall for an announcement of the 2014-2015 LBJ Library Essay Contest
Description: As we continue to work towards universal equality, people of all ages, genders, classes, and races are affected. The LBJ Foundation invites 12th grade students in Texas to explore the enduring issue of civil rights as it impacts them or those around them in the LBJ "Civil Rights Today" Essay Contest. 


Topic: The essay must articulate (1) how civil rights remains and enduring issue in society and (2) one aspect of the Civil Rights of 1964 that impacts the writer's life today. Topics include discrimination, minority rights, religious rights, rights of persons with disabilities, and other civil rights issues. 

Contact Information

LBJ Presidential Library
2313 Red River St.
Austin, TX 78705